16 Things We All Do That Are Actually Banned in Some Parts of the US

Pumping gas yourself, wearing heels, sharing your Netflix password with your good friends, or just treating yourself to a Kinder egg might seem innocent. However, in different states in the US, some activities that seem ordinary to us are actually forbidden, and you can get fined or even imprisoned for doing them. A couple of these restrictions might seem reasonable, but there are still a bunch of them that make us say, “What the heck?”

Bright Side always tries to learn more about different countries, and today we’re pleased to share with you some oddities of American states. Let’s enjoy and smile together!

1. United States of America

If you ask some kids (or even adults), they won’t be even able to choose what they like more, Kinder Eggs themselves or the amusing toys that they can find inside. Surprisingly, in America, you won’t find this joyful product. Kinder Surprise Eggs are banned in the USA because according to the law, the sale of any candy that contains embedded toys or trinkets is prohibited.

2. Florida

Childhood in the ’90s is hard to imagine without Internet cafes. Though these times have passed, these cafes are still popular and open in different cities. But in Florida, you won’t find many of these. Their owners often allow gambling and adult arcades in some cafes. Internet cafes, which allow people to purchase time to access the Internet, are legal.

3. Georgia

Those who like to spice things up between them and their partner should do it outside of Georgia. The authorities in Georgia banned sex toys from being sold. You can only get these devices if you have a scientific or medical reason for it or a prescription. Though, in some cities like Sandy Springs, this law was removed.

4. California

Seems like they really have a thing against high heels in Carmel, California. You can’t wear high heels there. If you still want to enjoy these kinds of shoes, you’ll need to get special permission. So listen up girls: you’d better think twice before deciding to stun citizens of Carmel with your high-heeled looks.

5. Connecticut

If you want to show love for your wife and you live in Hartford, Connecticut, then you’d better do it any other day but on Sunday. There, it’s illegal to kiss your wife on this particular day. This law came from “The Blue Laws of Connecticut” which were harsh, puritanical rules created to regulate public morality.

6. New Mexico

The whole idea of letting women do whatever they want with their hair is seemingly denied in Carrizozo, New Mexico. There, women can’t appear in public while unshaven. They don’t really specify what parts exactly should be shaven and what parts are allowed to be left alone.

7. California

California doesn’t sit idly by when it comes to fighting plastic pollution. There, grocery stores and other establishments are not allowed to provide their customers with plastic shopping bags. This was created due to their environmental impact and is honestly a very smart law!

8. Arizona

In Goodyear, Arizona, you’d better not try to mimic a camel. People who stay in the city are not allowed to spit on any of the public sidewalks, crosswalks in the city, public paths, highways, public grounds or in city parks. Those who break the law will have to pay $2,500 in fines and spend up to 6 months in prison.

9. Maryland

Driving isn’t as easy as it seems, especially in busy traffic. In Rockville, Maryland it’s against the law to curse while driving. Of course, when we’re stressed, we might relieve it through swearing, but you need to keep calm on the roads when in this city. Otherwise, you’ll have to face the punishment.

10. Massachusetts

When people want to know what the future holds, some decide to go and visit a local fortune teller. But no one knows for sure if their supposed abilities are hereditary or just made up. In Massachusetts, fortune tellers need to obtain a license to tell fortunes. Citizens are free to get their palms read and future predicted, but the authorities want to make sure this will be done by specialists.

11. Tennessee

Sharing your Netflix password with your friends and family might seem like a good and even smart idea. Though, in Tennessee, you can get punished for doing this. Originally, this law was created to fight people who sell passwords in large quantities at once. However, people who share passwords with their friends (not family) are also included in this rule.

12. Vermont

Women keep fighting for their rights and have received good results thus far. But in Vermont, there’s still a law that limits them. There, women can’t freely wear fake teeth. To get them, they need to ask for written permission from their husbands. However, we don’t know if dentists there actually abide by this rule.

13. Florida

Owning a dog isn’t easy but being attacked by a dog is even harder. In Florida, owners may not be liable if their dog bites you. There is a “dog bite liability” law that states owners should display an easily readable sign that says “bad dog” in a prominent place on their premises. If they do this, they’re not responsible for any biting that occurs.

14. Louisiana

If in Louisiana, if you want to surprise your friend with an unexpected delivery of something delicious, you should check the laws first. In this state, you may not request a pizza delivery to someone’s house without asking their permission first. Such an action will be considered harassment because you’re assigning them a tab for something they did not order.

15. Maine

Skateboarders from Biddeford, Maine skate anywhere but try to avoid sidewalks. No, sidewalks are not dangerous or scary, but it’s against the law to skateboard on them. It’s also prohibited to ride a bicycle upon any public sidewalk in the city. Those who break the rule will have to pay a fee of $10.

16. New Jersey

Strong and independent people, watch what you do with your gas in New Jersey! People there are not allowed to pump their own gas. You have to stay in your car and wait until the gas station operator does it for you. The authorities explain that this is done for safety reasons.

We should always check the local laws before we travel into any country! Does your country have any weird restrictions? What are they? Let’s share our stories in the comments!

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