How Iconic DC and Marvel Heroes Should Really Look According to Comic Books

With the current worldwide craze for comic characters, movie studios didn’t wait long to cash in on it by making new superhero movies every year. Marvel and DC went as far as launching several TV shows to keep the motor running while audiences wait for the next big comic-based movie.

But more often then not, fans find themselves a little disappointed with the appearance of heroes and villains when they are not true to the comic book. Bright Side made a list of characters and their changes to show you what they actually look like.


Starlord, a.k.a. Peter Quill, is really different in the movies from his original looks and story. A square-jawed cop, blond and skinnier than Chris Pratt, Peter was the first “guardian” before the team was assembled.


Short blond hair, orange scales all over his torso, and green...spandex? This is how we came to see Aquaman in comics. And although no one would be opposed to seeing Jason Momoa half naked and tattooed, those are certainly not fish scales!


The main female character from Preacher is supposed to be a small, toned, fierce little blonde. However, casting went to Ruth Negga, quite the opposite appearance-wise, and she is also dressed in a less sexy way. But we must admit that she gave a new depth to the role.


In the comics, Rogue is more of a middle-aged woman with a white fringe and a brave attitude toward life. Sporting the iconic yellow-green uniform, she is one of the core characters in X-Men. In the movies, however, not only has her appearance changed but also her powers and overall mindset.


Way more clothed in movies than in comic books, Beast had changes made to his height, appearance, and powers, topping it all off with alterations to the original story.

Jessica Jones

When Jessica Jones first got to test out her powers, Jewel appeared. Pink haired, light, and bubbly, she aspired to save the world from harm and was captured by Killgrave. Vaguely mentioned in the TV show, Jewel had several minutes of screen time. Even though there was an homage to her costume, Jessica Jones on TV is a dark character, usually dressed in plain black tees and jeans.


Yes, it took several generations of movies about Superman to put that red underwear under the suit. DC also changed the whole color scheme of the suit and made it more scale-like and leathery.


The original character’s look was an homage to Robin Hood with its bright green color and hood. In the TV show, however, the creators went as far as putting armor onto the costume, making it a dull green color. They also added shoulder pads and almost lost the mask in favor of plain dark...eye shadow?


The bright red leather costume is a staple of Daredevil’s character. However, the creators of the TV show decided to put the vigilante in plain black cloth with a plain mask to show how the character had grown into the superhero we know and love.


The purple-skinned, white-haired villain Killgrave was changed to blend in with the crowd of the Jessica Jones series. However, the creators decided to put him in a purple suit to highlight his comic heritage.


Not only a huge bald guy, Kingpin was always very “fashion forward” with his flashy white suit and colorful neck scarf. Sadly, this image was shattered with a very tame version of the villain portrayed by Vincent D’Onofrio. At least his personality was still big.

The Owl

The most dramatic changes in appearance were made for the character of The Owl: in the comics, he is very Wolverine-like, sporting the same hairdo in bright orange and a long green coat. In the TV show, however, The Owl is more of a businessman than a comic book villain.

Scarlet Witch

In the books, Scarlet Witch is older, more mature, and usually appears in an extremely revealing suit, cloak, and headpiece that helps her control her powers. In the movies, the female mutant is more covered, generally dressed in more everyday clothes.


A green or blue suit with a silver flash on the chest is the usual uniform for Quicksilver in the comic books. But it was swapped for a bluish-gray shirt with more texture and less spandex. In appearance, Quicksilver in the movies is also bigger and younger.


This red-skinned alien is known in the realms of comics to have a green bodysuit and yellow cloak. However, the movie creators made him more of a tech-supporting creature, with a more armored look and beige cloak. They also added a metallic ornament that was not in the books.

No matter how they look, we all love a good hero and a good villain. Did we forget anybody whose changes were drastic when coming to the big or small screen? Be sure to share!

Preview photo credit Marvel Studios, Marvel Comics