11 Signs Your Mom Is Your Best Friend on Earth and Nothing Can Change It

An endless supply of support, respect, and kindness with a whole lot of patience and love. The bond between mothers and children is more than just a genetic link. Cheering us up, listening to our thoughts and doubts, teaching us how to love ourselves, and being there for you 24/7 takes a lot of effort. But moms are our superheroes. If they manage to become our lifelong friends, this can be one of the greatest joys on the planet!

Bright Side dove into the mother-child relationship topic to see what signs are indicative of the special friendships between them. We can’t wait to show you what we’ve discovered!

1. Your mom is your biggest fan.

She’s believed in you from the very first day, and sometimes does this even more than you do yourself. No matter what plans you have about your life, she will always be there for you to remove your doubts and support you. The only thing she wants is for you to feel good, and she does everything to make that happen.

2. She is always willing to listen to your news.

When we have something good happening in our lives, we might want to share it with our whole family or our friends. But the first person that gets to know everything is your precious mom. And she rejoices for you, sometimes even more than you expect.

3. Her advice is important to you, and so is yours to her.

When you’re hesitant, the first person you turn to is your mom. Her thoughts and her advice are crucial to you and you take them very seriously. You are not scared to be honest about things that scare you, and you know that she will be interested in helping. On the other hand, your mom might also ask for your advice, because she knows you can trust each other.

4. And you know, you can be completely honest with her.

You know that no matter what things are on your mind, good, bad, or ugly — you can always open up to her. She won’t judge, she will try to understand you, and she will keep everything a secret. As much as she is good at giving useful advice, she can also keep silent and simply listen when you need it.

5. She will always tell you the truth.

Though you are comfortable in each other’s company, when she feels she needs to speak up, she will do it. She will tell you the naked truth, even if it’s sometimes uncomfortable to hear. About your current relationship, your outfit, or your lifestyle — she wishes you the best, after all.

6. She listens to your opinion and tries to understand you.

A conversation with your mom is always a pleasure, because she wants to know your thoughts. She respects your opinion and doesn’t mind if it’s not the same as hers. She helps you to find the solution to a problem without changing you or your mind completely.

7. She is always there for you, at any time of the day.

Even when you’re away from home, you know that you can call her late at night or during a busy day, and she will always find time for you. If you need help, she will try to come immediately to help you with your issues. She is your biggest support during any of your life periods.

8. She loves you even when you find it hard to love yourself.

Moments of breakdown might occur for different reasons. During these hard periods, your mom will surround you with her love even more than usual. She will teach you again how to love yourself and will take care of your mental health.

9. She always enjoys your company.

Your mom is an interesting person, who knows a lot, and also keeps up with the latest trends. You both feel just as good while spending time together, as hanging out with your friends. In fact, they love your mom and she never feels uncomfortable in their company!

10. She worries about you.

Each other’s life, health, and relationships are important to both of you. You might even think about her happiness more than about your own. You text her and call her several times a day just to find out that everything is good wherever she is. And no matter how old you get; your mom always worries about you and checks on you too.

11. Your relationship with her only gets stronger with each year.

With each passing year, you both learn to understand each other better, and this is what makes your relationship stronger. You feel how your love and respect toward each other grows every day, and this gives you a pleasant feeling. In the end, it might even become hard for you to imagine your life without your mom in it.

Do you have a good relationship with your mom? What do you guys like to do together? Let’s share our stories in the comment section!

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