What Being the Wife of the Leader of the World’s Most Private Country Is Like

Not much is known about the life of Kim Jong-un — the leader of North Korea. That’s why the first lady of this country is a mysterious figure too. She rarely appears in public and her name, Ri Sol-ju, does not flash in the news bulletins as in the case of the wives of other political leaders. Moreover, there is no exact information about even her age. Despite this, some facts from the biography of this mysterious lady could still be found.

Bright Side collected some interesting information about the life of the wife of the Korean dictator and some of it is quite surprising!

1. Ri Sol-ju is a daughter of Korean intellectuals.

She was born in the port city of Chongjin in the family of a teacher and a doctor. The possible year of birth of Kim Jong-un’s wife varies between 1985 and 1989, which means that she is between 28 and 33 years old.

2. She used to be a cheerleader in her youth.

Before marrying the Korean leader, the girl studied at the largest university in North Korea — Kim Il Sung University in Pyongyang. In 2005, she visited South Korea as a member of the North Korean delegation’s support group at the Asian Athletics Championships.

3. She used to be a singer.

Ri Sol-ju was fond of singing and she had been studying vocals in China for a while before her future husband first saw her sing during the broadcast of the performance of the State Unhasu Orchestra.

4. Ri Sol-ju is a mother of 3 kids.

The media believe that this woman gave birth to two daughters (approximately in 2010 and 2013) and one son (in February 2017). According to South Korean intelligence, the birth of the third baby was not something the woman wanted but it was the execution of the order because the country needs an heir.

5. The wife of the Korean leader is a rebel.

Ri Sol-ju became the only first lady in North Korea who boldly changed the style of the hairstyle and got a short haircut. All the former wives of the Heads of State wore their hair long. Moreover, the girl has a passion for fashionable Western brands: for example, among the accessories in her wardrobe, there are bags from Chanel and Dior. And instead of the obligatory for all North Koreans badge with portraits of the leaders, this brave woman allows herself to wear precious brooches.

6. She persuaded her husband to give more freedom to Korean women.

Despite the power and authority of her husband, Ri Sol-ju managed to soften his harsh temper. Kim Jong-un let the North Korean women wear pants, jeans, and black tights, as well as heels and platform shoes. He also allowed them to ride bicycles.

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Preview photo credit eastnews