20 Times Nature Made the World Bow Down Before It

We may think that modern technology is very powerful, but the reality is that whatever we manage to build and create is temporary and Mother Nature proves this to us at every opportunity. And it never hesitates to take over as soon as we turn our backs, showing us who is the real king of the castle.

We at Bright Side selected a few photos to show how incredibly strong and independent nature is and how it always finds a way.

1. An abandoned building is getting eaten by nature.

2. After all our wars, nature still wins...

3. This railway viaduct has almost vanished under the greenery invasion.

4. The “Stop” sign didn’t stop the tree.

5. Nature made this little cottage way more romantic than it originally was.

6. Nature always wins, no matter what.

7. That’s quite a style, time to apply for a patent.

8. Human creations are temporary, wildlife is permanent.

9. Nature will swallow what humans have created at some point.

10. That’s actually kinda freaky.

11. Mother Nature has definitely won this battle.

12. When you are looking for opportunities, not excuses:

13. Another piece of proof that bricks and concrete are nothing when nature comes to the game.

14. That’s what we call determination.

15. Maybe soon the parking time will become unlimited.

16. This road got lost for good.

17. Nature always has its own definition of “beautiful.”

18. Nature made this massive structure look truly surreal.

19. This old house had no chance.

20. Nature can take over any barriers.

Have you ever seen something that was man-made being taken over by nature? Put your photos into the comment section below so we can all have a look.

Preview photo credit SS-Imperator / reddit, ethan_kahn / reddit