12 Things That Can Protect Your Home While You’re Away

According to official statistics, in Barcelona, around 7,000 apartments are robbed per year. Do we have a chance at protecting our homes from burglars even if we can’t afford expensive security alarm systems?

Bright Side has collected simple yet effective tips that will help you protect your home and even discourage thieves from breaking into your property.

12. Hide valuable belongings while strangers are at your home.


While a plumber is fixing something under your sink, they have enough time to have a look around. They can turn out to be bad guys who inform their accomplices. They can also steal your purse or earrings lying on the table. Of course, it doesn’t mean that all plumbers and other workers are burglars, but you should always be careful. We recommend getting acquainted with a company’s reviews before calling an electrician or a plumber.

11. Don’t let a thief hear your phone ringing.


Some thieves use a landline phone trick: they call your home phone and wait for an answer. If no one picks up a phone, it means that nobody’s home. If you mute or lower the sound, you confuse a potential burglar since they don’t hear any sound.

10. Install a reliable lock.


According to data, burglars spend just 60 seconds breaking into a home with 73% of cases gaining entry through the front door. The locks most at risk of lock snapping are cylinder ones and the most complicated locks are those that can be opened with lever keys. It’s recommended to lock the door with a pin tumbler and a lever key since this combination is the most reliable. There are also some locks that literally crumble if someone tries to open it without using a key.

9. Protect your windows.


Another popular way to enter your property is your windows. That’s why it’s recommended to install grilles if you live on the 1st or 2nd floor. Don’t forget that you should have an escape route in case of an emergency: buy grilles that can be unlocked.

8. Take care of the territory surrounding your property.


If you have a house, don’t let burglars think no one lives there. Take care of the lawn in summer and keep the path clean in winter.

7. Use thieves’ fears against them.


Thieves are scared of being caught. We recommend putting out a sign that says, “protected facility”. This trick will make burglars think twice before breaking in.

6. Throw away boxes for expensive items correctly.


If you’re throwing away a box from a new TV or refrigerator, you’re likely to attract potential burglars who can steal your new item. To avoid troubles, tear the box apart before throwing it away as not to attract intruders.

5. Pretend.


Imagine you’re leaving your home for a while. You’re already in the street and you suddenly notice a strange person. They might be waiting for you to go away to be able to break in. Don’t be shy: turn around and wave your hand as if someone stayed at home.

4. Check your locks.


If you notice scratches on your lock, it means that burglars have tried to open it. So before you open the door and enter your home, check your lock so that you have a chance to react quickly in case of an emergency.

3. Let sunlight in.


If windows are curtained for a few days in a row, it may indicate that nobody’s home: there aren’t so many people who like to live without sunlight. So when you leave your property, make sure you don’t completely curtain your windows to create an illusion that you’re home.

2. Put plants with abrasive foliage in front of your fence and windows.


To turn a usual fence into a barrier, plant something with abrasive foliage: like a dog rose or a dewberry plant. You may also plant some roses right under your windows. All these plants will make burglars’ mission really challenging.

1. Don’t pass any information via phone.


You should be careful with strange communal service companies that call you and ask questions about your working place and hours or about people who live with you. It’s one of the methods that thieves use to find out the history of a property and the most suitable time for breaking in.

Do you use any tricks against burglars? Share your experience with us in the comments.

Illustrated by Anastasiya Pavlova for BrightSide.me