6 Tricks To Save Your Car From Being Stolen

The majority of car owners probably know many ways to protect their cars against theft – alarms, GPS trackers, and other modern devices. However, there are other methods that will make your vehicle less tempting for potential thieves. In addition, recently criminals have increasingly started to target the “middle class” automobiles, instead of elite cars.

Today, we will tell you about 6 simple ways to secure your car.

1. When parking, turn the wheels to a side

This will make it harder for thieves to tow your automobile. This way, the perpetrators will have to spend much more time to steal a car, so they might lose interest altogether.

2. Car aerography

Not everybody is fond of images on a car, but catchy cars ward off thieves. Such cars stand out in the traffic, and if the owner acts quickly, intruders simply won’t have time to get to their hiding place. In addition, they can’t sell the hood and doors decorated with aerography without repainting them, which reduces the profit and complicates the crime.

3. Wrap the key fob in foil

Devices that hijack a signal and ultimately allow stealing a car without the key are now openly available in the market. When the key is within a range of these devices, criminals can copy the code and easily steal the car. To protect the keys from relay attacks, wrap them in foil when at home – the metal blocks the signals.

4. Get the windows marked

Many auto workshops now offer a service of marking windows, windshields, and mirrors with the vehicle ID. This useful trick significantly reduces the risk of theft. It will take money and time to change all the marked windows, which makes the crime less profitable.

5. Take care of your car

There is the so-called “broken window theory”, according to which the presence of some disorder encourages further disorder or crime. If you leave a clean, well-tended car even in the most dangerous district of ​​the city, most likely it will remain untouched for quite a long time. On the other hand, if it has a broken window, it will be plundered in less than a day. The cared-for look of your car says that the owner cherishes it, which means that it is probably equipped with a good alarm system and the owner will quickly notice if it goes missing.

6. Hide an old phone in the car

Source: Fabiosa.