20+ Past Pictures Are Reproduced Vividly

History has passed, but one of us wants to return to look at how life in the past. But there is no time machine to help you do that, so we’re going to re-create the past with live photos with so many interesting things.

We have captured some of the past photographs from time to time, which will help you visualize the history of memorable.

Young German soldier cries, WWII

Women wearing “short shorts” in the 1950s

A young girl saying goodbye to a soldier, Connecticut, 1945

A Dutch boy with a pillow strapped on his backside in order to soften his fall while ice skating.

Belgian miners, 1900

Excavation of the Sphinx, circa 1850

Ice-table: ebb-tide at the beach of Rockanje, the Netherlands, in the severe winter of 1963

Amphibious bike ’Cyclomer,’ Paris, 1932

Boys play after a traffic accident with 2 pedal cars and a tricycle, Netherlands, 1935

Sleigh leaving a ski-jump. London, England, 1933

Ostrich reading a newspaper, 1951

Car of a peddler. The Netherlands, 1930s

First picture ever taken from space, 1946

A giant pyramid of liquor barrels to be burned during Prohibition, 1924

German soldier wearing a welding mask, 1941

Waiters wearing masks, Germany, 1933

Boy playing with a radio-controlled toy bus. Almelo, The Netherlands, 1957

“This CD-ROM can hold more information than all the paper that’s here below me” ― Bill Gates, 1994

Children on sleds pulled by a car over a snowy road in Scheveningen, the Netherlands, date unknown

The Space Invaders championship, 1981

Soccer on motorbikes on the soccer field of Crystal Palace in London, England 1923

Boys in a record shop, The Netherlands, 1957

A happy chimp “Enos” holding a newspaper after surviving his trip to space, 1961

The discovery of the statue Antinous in Greece, 1894

Woman milking a cow with an elephant’s head as an April Fool’s joke in the magazine Het Leven, 1932

Sunbathing with a foldable reflector, The Netherlands, 1961

Small trouser press, shown at an invention fair in Westminster, England, 1936

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Source: Brightside