A Wife’s Happiness Is More Crucial than Her Husband’s For a Happy Marriage, Study Finds

About 40 to 50 percent of married couples in the United States decide to give up and get divorced. We may think that something like this won’t happen to us, but it is not enough to just believe in this idea. It’s always better to work on your relationship together and never give up on loving each other.

We at Bright Side believe in happy marriages that can stay on a track forever and found a study that may help you avoid arguments and misunderstandings.

The more satisfied a wife is with a long-term union, the happier a husband is with his life. The trick involves a woman’s psychology. They tend to do more and more for their partner if a marriage is successful and this has a positive effect on the husband’s life!

394 couples were analyzed and, on average, they were married for 39 years. And here is where some interesting things occurred! In general, they rated their life satisfaction as high: giving it 5 out of 6 points.

What is more surprising is that husbands’ ratings about marriage were more positive than their wives’! A happy woman simply makes a man even happier!

And there is one more interesting finding! The study also concluded that wives become less happy if their spouses become ill. At the same time, the husbands’ happiness level doesn’t change when their wives get sick. The explanation is simple!

The woman always takes care of the man if he feels bad. And this can be really stressful for wives. But if the wife gets sick, she relies on her daughter — if she has one, so the husband won’t experience the same stress.

Professor Paul Dolan also claims in his book, Happy Ever After: Escaping The Myth of the Perfect Life, that men benefit from marriage more than women. Married women live less under the stress of marriage, while married men live longer.

This proves that couples could actually improve their relationship if they were both considerate of each other’s needs during illnesses and other difficulties. Both partners need to show care and love in order to live happily together.

The conclusion of the study may not seem surprising for some, but now there is an official confirmation. A husband’s level of happiness does not have the same impact on the quality of the marriage, while for a wife, feeling unhappy can be very destructive to their relationship.

So, there is a simple rule that we’ve realized applies after going through this research: Happy wife, happy life. If you want your marriage be successful and happy in general, a wife’s needs need to be satisfied. It provides her with a the perfect motivation to take care of many things.

If you are unhappy, let your partner know and work together to make a change for the better.

Do you believe in a marriage that lasts forever? What advice would you give to others from your own experience? Please share your ideas below!

Illustrated by Elena Sorokina for BrightSide.me