16 Isolated Houses That Can Bring Peace to Your Soul

There are thousands of megapolises in the world where millions of people live. However, there are still places on our planet where you can stay alone and take a break from colleagues, noise, and endless phone calls.

Bright Side decided to show you the places where people live in harmony both with themselves and with the world around them.

If there is something in this world embodying tranquility, this is how it looks:

When the whole island is yours and instead of neighbors you can greet the captains of passing ships:

Those who manage to reach the height of 13,000 feet will get a wonderful view of clouds floating underneath their feet.

It seems that nature has used all shades of green for this picture:

A shelter for modern Robinson Crusoe: a private house, a personal forest, and a personal island.

Even if there are only several dozen people living on an island, you may occasionally want to be alone.

The sea is always near.

The most introverted village in the world

The best mode of transport — skis.

When you take over the whole island in order to build one house:


The best fence is one you don’t need.

The only thing connecting you and your neighbor

When even your house is an introvert:

Only 650 stairs for those who want to reach the top of the world

When, apart from isolation, you create your own microclimate:

Would you like to live in any of these houses? Please tell us about it in the comments!

Preview photo credit Raspberrywaffles / imgur