20 Annoying Things 99% of Men Do, and They Can Drive Any Woman Crazy

Sometimes it becomes hard for men and women to live together because, very often, men don’t understand that clothes should be hung, that dirty clothes should be put into a laundry basket, or that toilet paper rolls should be thrown away. Sometimes these situations become so illogical that the temptation to take a photo is irresistible. Maybe this quirk is the thing that brings fun and spiciness into the routine life of every woman.

Bright Side collected a set of photos showing men’s fails when performing chores. How do they even survive without women?

1. This is what happens when a man is extremely hungry:

2. “My husband put this back into our freezer.”

3. “My boyfriend put a plastic cutting board in the oven and I turned it on to preheat.”

4. “The amount of cream cheese my husband left for me in the fridge this morning...”

5. “The way my husband hangs up our son’s shirt”

6. When your man’s equilibrium skills outshine yours:

7. The way men usually open butter (or pretty much anything else for that matter):

8. “My boyfriend puts the butter away like this in the fridge door. Fully exposed and touching the fridge that I haven’t washed in months.”

9. When your husband puts dish soap in the dishwasher:

10. “How my husband opens the orange juice.”

11. When your husband is pouring something and this happens:

12. “My dad does this with every single piece of trash he has.”

13. “I asked my husband to stir my drink, and this is what he did. Thank you. Exactly what I had in mind...”

14. A classic men’s way of tearing off paper towels

15. “My husband’s dirty clothes on top of an empty laundry hamper”

16. “Too kind... leaving this ham in the fridge! Let me make a sandwich.”

17. “I can’t possibly ruin a hard-boiled egg”, he says. Are you sure about that?

18. “My husband thinks he’s funny! ”

19. “This is my boyfriend’s food cupboard. I think he must just pour his shopping bags directly in the cupboard, instead of unpacking them.”

20. “My husband may have gone too far in dressing our son as an old man for school today.”

We do love men despite everything they do! For us, they’re the only ones who are capable of real adventures!

What other annoying things have you seen men do? Please share your photos with us in the comments!

Preview photo credit Bailey_Haldwin / reddit, sarahszabo / reddit