26 Distressed People Who’ve Lost Their Faith in Humanity

The world isn’t always fair. We’ve all probably had that thought at least once in our lives. This article is about situations that undermine our trust in other people.

Bright Side has collected 26 photos of people who don’t believe in humanity anymore. But we hope that you’ll stay positive despite these frustrating situations.

Someone was really hungry.

“Rented a computer game and got paper instead.”

These fake stickers can stress anyone out.

Demo version

Someone’s trying to fool you.

“Am I lucky or not?”

Furious customers

“Someone ate my ice cream with a fork.”

When you want to come up to this person and explain everything:

You’re literally paying to be unsafe.

We don’t know anything about “man’s best friend”.

This pepperoni pizza...

“On a 5-hour flight...”

“My roommate ate all the peanut butter cups off of the cupcakes.”

This dinosaur is the creator of this gamepad.

Someone doesn’t know how to use bicycle parking.

“Make yourself at home” doesn’t actually mean what you think.

“The way my wife eats pizza”

Does the driver have a driver’s license?

When security is more important than the plot:

“Amazon shipped my hot sauce without any padding.”

Something went wrong.

“The way my wife opened this milk”


“My high school felt the need to install a fence separating the student parking lot and the school.”

“This is how my boyfriend uses paper towels...”

Have you ever faced such situations that made you feel like giving up?

Preview photo credit StevEOnEshoT/ twitter, Atrioc/ twitter